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    Socially Man is a Fighter !

    He will stand by your side to Increase your Direct sales, reduce intermediaries and make you shine all over the web !


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    Communicate & Share to Increase your Sales

    Through exchanges on Social Media Channels, we increase your sales, Bring you a better knowledge of your Clientele & Increase your Notoriety. Call us Now !


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    Diversified Packs for Personalised Objectives

    The diversification of Social networks enable companies to hope for a ROI more secured & based on various variables.


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    Your Clients at your Fingertips.

    Trust us the Management of your Online Presence & offer to your Company the possibility to diversify its Clientele through Social Media Channels. Your are One Step away from Success !


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Your E-Reputation,or Online Image, is composed of all the elements you can find online about your company (Website, Social Networks, Customer’s Reviews, Forums, Blogs, Articles, …)

What’s our Job ?

How do we work


Why should you manage your Online Reputation ?

The main advantage for companies from the touristic industry is the increase of their direct sales & the decrease of the commissions they pay to Online Travel Agencies & Intermediaries.

There are many other advantages whether it is for the hospitality industry, the touristic industry or for any other type of activity. The most important is to be able to calculate it and to include it in your online strategies.
SM Impact  

A Growing Influence.

In every commercial process, whether it is in B2C or B2B, Social Media & the management of your online presence play a more and more crucial  role in the selection of your company by customers.

Social Networks regroup the most important amount of customer’s worldwide. If Facebook was a country, it would be the 3rd most populated country in the world. It is not possible to continue avoiding it ! Wake up !


Customer’s Reviews, An Unforeseen strength 

Customer’s Reviews have an incredible incidence over the selection of an hotel or of a company. 70% of worldwide customers believe that these feedbacks are the seconde most efficient form of advertising. Before booking an hotel 90% of  people go online to check the feedbacks & what is said about this establishment.

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